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gw_ac_195's Journal

Gundam Wing Roleplay
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[Info:] This is a roleplay community based on the anime, manga, and novel Gundam Wing, written by Hajime Yadate and Yoshiyuki Tomino, and illustrated by Koichi Tokita.

2. Be respectful to the other roleplayers.
3. Stay open-minded. Your mods are yaoi(shounen-ai; malexmale)/yuri(shoujo-ai; femalexfemale) fans, so please stay open to those sorts of relations should they occur. Of course, hetero relations are okay too.

Hiiro Yui //
Duo Maxwell // flamingcrosses, played by covenmouse
Trowa Barton // _heavyarms, played by mutant_cucumber
Quatre Reberba Winner // desertoasis, played by mirisha
Chang Wufei // anti_onna, played by megami_maxwell
Zechs Merquis //
Treize Kushrenada //
Relena Peacecraft //
Hilde Schebeiker //
Catherine Bloom //
Dorothy Catalonia //
Sally Po //
Lecrezia Noin //
Lady Une //

If you want to play one of the more minor characters that weren't listed, feel free to apply.

Out of Character
Contact Info: (IM, e-mail, etc.)

In Character
Character to be played:
Writing Sample: (THIS IS IMPORTANT. We cannot accept your application unless you give us a writing sample. So this is your chance! Show us what you can do!)

With that, go for it! We're looking forward to applications. ^_^
-As this community was advertised on DeviantART, I want to tell those of you coming from there to take note: This community is for LIVEJOURNAL. Not DevART. So please submit your applications here. Not there. Thank you.