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Not Quite a ‘Date’ Date? - Or Confusion Via Crossdressing p.1

Summary: Duo insists on giving Wufei a 'life' by taking him out to the movies. As a surprise, he dresses in drag. There is much confusion between the two of them. More than likely, they don't remember a thing from the actual movie.

Part One of Two.

Duo stopped in front of Wufei’s apartment door and adjusted the outfit he was wearing. By outfit, he meant the tiny little modified black corset he was wearing with a short, somewhat ruffled black skirt, black tights, and thick-soled Mary-Janes that went so far as to have actual platforms to them. A bit nervously he ran his fingers through his loose bangs and patted his hair a little. He had left it down in a curling waterfall today tied back at the sides with a black velvet ribbon, except for the few bangs in his eyes. What he would do for a bet.... and to get the Chinese boy he was about to face to pay the slightest bit of attention. Chalking up his bravery, he finally raised one loose fist to the door and knocked.

It was just barely ten o’clock; exactly when Wufei had expected Duo to be coming. Or more accurately, he had expected that the other former pilot would be too excited about dragging him off to the movies to wait until nightfall. He had showered, though he did not have nearly enough time to get ready after sleeping in late, and although he was already dressed his hair was still down. Fully anticipating being paraded around, or whatever Duo wanted to do with him, he had opted to wear something almost classy. Midnight black jeans clung snugly to his hips and thighs, only slightly-too-long at the bottoms. He was wearing a simple, traditional silken vest, also black, trimmed with faintly opal-esque white chord. Pausing at the door to pray to whatever gods would listen that they would not let this get too crazy, he took a deep breath and opened it, scooping his black jacket up in one hand.

Normally prepared for everything given his training, Wufei was not the least bit ready for this surprise. True, Duo had told him that his arrival time would not be the only surprise, but he had certainly not expected the other teen to come in drag! And more than that, he had not expected Duo to look so… so…


That was a word he had never associated with something feminine before. Somehow he felt strange thinking it; either way it was unusual. The idea of a woman looking as sexy as Duo did at the moment was startling enough. The fact that it actually –was- Duo looking so sexy was even more surprising. He stared at the other boy for a moment, then stepped back away from his door. “You’re right on time. I was expecting you,” he said softly, glancing over Duo and his ensemble. It looked wonderful. But something else bothered him a bit; how was Duo walking in platform shoes?

Duo didn't bother to hide the smirk of amusement when he saw Wufei's reaction. He pranced on in uninvited and twirled a little for him, purposely acting like one of those over energetic cute-and-sexy-but-totally-oblivious-to-it anime schoolgirls. "Nice place, Wu-wu; I don't think I've ever seen it before... you ready?"

The Chinese male stared at him for a moment, privately wondering how in the world Duo could not only prance around in such shoes, but also how he could do so without flashing him in the process. The last time he’d checked, skirts that short were almost specifically designed to flash people when one moved in them. So how did Duo manage to avoid it? He looked up at the other boy, blinking. “Huh?” he asked rather dumbly, then replayed the question in his head and added; “Oh—I think so. Ready as I’ll ever be for whatever you’re going to put me through today.”

"Movies~!" he sing-songed before he reached over to grasp Wufei's hand and begin pulling him towards the door, "C'mon, we don't wanna get stuck in the crowd."

“You’re going to drag me through a crowd?” He scowled, but followed him to the door. "I doubt your footing is good enough to manage that in those shoes," Wufei muttered, none-too-gently yanking his hand back and pausing to put his shoes on. He was thankful that, if nothing else, he had opted not to dress in his uniform; if anyone from work saw them they would surely have a fit. And in the off chance that it was one of the numerous agents with a grudge against him, they would find some way to get him into some kind of trouble based on it.

"If there's a crowd in our way, yes," Duo smiled politely, even while he flinched inwardly at the hand being yanked away so cruely. "And the footing in these is a lot better than you'd think. Care to try?"

Muttering something about how he most certainly would not, the Chinese youth quickly tied his shoes and pulled his hair back into a loose tail at the base of his head, thankful that Duo had not caught him fifteen minutes earlier. He would not have put it past the other boy to drag him out in his towel. But then, he could never be sure of what Duo would do. It made things interesting at best and more than a bit troublesome at worst. "Now where are you dragging me again?" he asked, straightening up a bit and crossing his arms out of habit.

"The movies!" He then reached out and grabbed Wufei by the arm. After dragging the Chinese ex-pilot out of the building, and getting him to walk normally again, he looped his arms around Wufei's upper arm and leaned against him.

Wufei raised an eyebrow at his actions, plainly confused, but opted not to comment. Duo had always been a pretty affectionate person, and he was quite certain that the other boy was playing around just to rub him raw, but he was certainly not used to this sort of treatment. Most disturbing was the realization that they probably did look like a couple of some kind on a date. "Movie, right... What movie?" he murmured absently, trying hard to relax a bit. Having people in his 'bubble' (as one of the cadets at HQ would have put it) was unnerving at best, even if it was Duo.

"Mmmmmm something.. roommannnnnnntic maybe?" He giggled.

The Chinese youth stared at him rather incredulously, then could not help laughing a little, albeit somewhat uneasily. "Those movies rot your brain," he said automatically, though he had not honestly ever seen one. Movies like that were probably farther away from his home colony than the sun had been, and during the war he had certainly never had the time to watch any.

"Huh? How sooo?? Okay, I WAS going to go for something comedy, but romantic it is!" He grinned, "You NEED it."

Wufei scowled at the idea of needing to go to a romance flick. More troublesome was the idea that he would have to sit through at least an hour and a half of it with Duo likely either narrating his own version for the whole time or incessantly bothering him afterwards. It was true that Duo was not nearly as annoying and troublesome as he often made him out to be, and he was certainly more mature than he played himself off as, but the idea was still pretty trying. "This isn't going to be one of those movies where the only other people in the theatre are crying women, is it?" he asked warily. With his luck it would be.

"Ehhhhhhh I dunno. Its ten o'clock in the morning, on a Thursday... with any luck we'll have the theater ~all to ourseeeelves~" he sang the last three words.

He snorted; Duo's tone was positively hilarious. Surely he could sing better than that. He looked up at the taller male for a moment, trying to hide his mirth, failed, and shook his head slowly, giving Duo a light push with his free hand. "I'm not sure if that will be a blessing or a curse," he said, and if not for the laughter in his voice he would have sounded perfectly serious.

"Whatd'yamean?!" The other man gaped over-dramatically, and pouted, "Its always a blessing with me around!"

"You're delusional," Wufei quipped automatically, although he could not help smiling a little. Duo was much more amusing than he gave him credit for. But then, if anyone else he knew showed up at his house in a dress and dragged him out to go to a romance movie he would probably have killed them before he got the chance to be amused. He stopped where they were, pulling Duo to a stop as well and glanced about. "Now this may sound silly, but where the hell are we?" he asked, frowning a little. They had been walking only long enough to get away from his apartment into exactly the portion of town that he was unfamiliar with. Which probably meant that they were close to the theatre.

"Almost to the theatre," Duo sing-songed with a giggle. "Really, Wu, its only five minutes away. Don't you ever go for walks?" He shook his head, "Some people really need to learn the value of good, fresh air."

That had been low, even if Duo was only kidding. Of course he knew the value of good fresh air! He had lived on the colonies long enough to know to appreciate real versus synthetic. "Of course I go for walks," he said somewhat defensively, even though he knew that he could not keep up the tone for long. It was hard to be mad at Duo. "I go for walks away from people. In parks."

"Aw, but that's no fun!" Duo sighed and shook his head, "The people make it interesting. Like you said: people watching. That kinda thing helps your acting, too, y'know? I bet I could make anyone of these people think I'm your girlfriend. WITHOUT resorting to calling you my boyfriend, or kissing you."

Wufei snorted at the idea, anger melting away. Duo was very hard to stay angry with for very long, especially when he was dolled up to look like a very attractive woman. But then, he looked more like a woman than Sally and Noin ever could this way. Perhaps that was just part of it being Duo. "Clinging to my arm like that doesn't give off that impression?" he asked, smiling faintly despite his best efforts not to.

"Not necessarily. After all, Relena clings to my arm like this sometimes when we joke around… looks like my kid sister" He grinned and gave him his best impression of a 'sappy, totally in love' look.

The impression was good; it quite nearly had Wufei blushing a little. Duo was a much better actor than he would have given him credit for. It was one thing for Duo to play an OZ soldier on a mission, and it had been another thing entirely when he had been playing his 'girlfriend' on the Cuba mission; he had been trying to convince other people. But if he had not honestly known better, he would have thought that Duo meant something by the look he was giving him. "I'm fairly certain she doesn't look at you like that," he said, somewhat absently brushing a lock of his hair away from his eyes. He would have liked to put it in its proper tail, but Duo had not quite given him that chance when he yanked him out the door, and he was paying for it. His damnably uneven hair was always finding a way to slip out if he did not gel it back.

"Maybe she does?" He purred, then winked at him. As they stopped at the back of the line for the ticket booth he reached up to run his fingers into the soft, uneven black locks. "You have such pretty hair... you should get it trimmed up, though."

That certainly had him blushing, and he looked away quickly, murmuring something about it most certainly not being 'pretty.' He had only been told that sort of thing once or twice and the other times had hardly counted. Once had been from Sally, and he was quite sure that she had been teasing him, and the other time, if he remembered correctly, had been coming from a medic girl with short, ratty hair that could have just as easily belonged to a dog. Neither time had counted. But coming from Duo--it was a hell of a compliment, given his hair. "I haven't cut it in a long time," he said after a moment, "They always take too much off."

"Then I'll cut it for you!" He grinned and chuckled, "I know how it is. You should leave it down more often, though." The line moved, and they moved with it. He leaned in and settled his head on Wufei's shoulder, pouting in boredom, "I don't even know what they have its retro movie week... hmmm... haha, Ten Things I Hate About You."

Wufei raised an eyebrow at the title; that hardly sounded like a romance movie name. It sounded like something Nataku would have written and chucked at his head just to spite him. "I take it you've seen that?" he asked, lightly brushing his thumb across Duo's arm without really realizing it. He was privately surprised that he was not more uncomfortable with Duo acting like this; he had certainly been uncomfortable earlier. But now it hardly seemed unnatural.

"Haha, yeah… Its a pretty good romantic comedy, but not something you need.." he paused, still looking at the titles, "When Harry Met Sally? Eh, no... oh good lord, not Titanic. OOooooo Dirty Dancing..." He hummed a bit, then his eyes focused on something, "Or, maybe a little Shakespeare?"

"I like Shakespeare," he said somewhat reluctantly. Most of the books that he had seen made into movies had been pretty good and then turned to crap; he could not imagine twentieth century filmmakers successfully turning a classic like that into a good movie. No matter which play it was.

"Hmm.. Much Ado About Nothing is reaaaally good. The budget was a bit poor, but the acting was great.. stilll....they also have Ever After, which is a Cinderella-esque movie." He looked at Wufei to see the reaction.

Much Ado About Nothing had been a good play, and Wufei could not honestly imagine a Cinderella movie being better than it, even if there was a low budget involved. He frowned a little, looking up at the title list for only a moment--and not seeing anything worth looking at--then glanced back down at Duo. "Much Ado About Nothing is much more my style," he said, "Especially if it's 'reaaaally' good."

"Much Ado About Nothing, it is!" He grinned and actually giggled, before their turn at the ticket booth came up. He got money out of somewhere, though the attendant never saw his hands move for any purse or pocket, nor did she really want to think about where the boy could possibly have kept it. "Two for Much Ado About Nothing."

After getting their tickets, he drug Wufei inside by the hand, then proceeded to cling to him once more as they discussed snacks. "Hmm can't have a movie date without popcorn!" Duo nodded defiantly, "Or one large soda with two straws."

Wufei was half inclined to check his own pockets, just to be sure that Duo had not sniped the money while he was not looking, but knew better; Duo would not steal his money. He was too honorable for that. "You're going to kill us both with your junk food," he said, somewhat absently squeezing Duo's hand and moving closer to him as more people filed toward the snack bar. Automatically brushing his hair away from his face, he glanced about in search of food that would be slightly less likely to rot their teeth out. With the exception of some terribly unappetizing gummy bears and hotdogs, he did not see any.

Rolling his eyes, the braided ex-pilot just grinned. A few people were giving them strange looks since up close, it was rather obvious that Duo was male, even if his long, silky legs and slender build coupled with long hair did make it rather hard to see from father away. He smiled cheekily at them and slipped a hand around Wufei's waist, tucking a few fingers into one of his belt loops. Then, it was their turn at the counter, "One large popcorn, and a large.. mmm....... root beer, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and lemonade mix."

The looks they were receiving were not going unnoticed by Wufei; not even close. He could hear more than a few catcalls from boys their age and younger, and there were a few girls that seemed quite intent on pointing and giggling at them as though they had never seen an odder pair in the world. It did make sense, to a point; from far away Duo might have looked like a girl, but anyone with half a brain ought to have been able to tell that he was a boy up close. Without realizing that he had done it, he squeaked as Duo's arm came around his waist, and glanced over at him, plainly flustered. "Duo..."

Duo turned to look at him with a quite 'innocent' expression on his face. "Is there a problem, Wu-wu?" He asked, tapping a finger worriedly to his pouting lips.

N--nothing," he stammered, blushing a little despite his best attempts not to. It was official; Duo had won. There really was no other way to describe it. Like it or not, he was beginning to feel, for want of a better word, whipped. With a faint sigh he took the bag of popcorn in his free arm and glanced somewhat nervously at the cashier. The man was giving him a rather odd look, one that quite plainly said "What kind of obscene, alternative life are you weird kids living" and he only shrugged, somewhat absently looping his free arm around Duo's shoulders. If they were going to play, they might as well. No one would recognize him as Chang Wufei the straight-backed Preventer. He could afford a day of playing.

Duo himself was having a wonderful time. He didn't enjoy anything as much as seeing the various reaction he could get from people.. and he was getting Wufei to loosen up for once! Score for him! Wewt, the crowd goes wild!

Stepping down from his rather delirious day dreams, he put some money on the counter and waited for his change before leading Wufei towards the proper theatre

With their popcorn and drink in hand, the young Preventer followed his 'date' to the theatre. He was privately thankful that they were both in disguise, even if no one would have recognized them anyway. Well, Quatre might--the same stood true for Trowa and Hiiro. But thankfully none of them took Thursdays off. And even more thankfully he doubted that any of them would have been showing up for movies. With a faint sigh he glanced around the theatre, glad to see that there were not many other patrons. There were at least three couples sitting in the far back, pointedly not watching the previews, and a few others scattered throughout the room.

"All right Duo," he said softly, pulling a face at the sight of a couple in the back blatantly necking. In public! True, the back of a nearly deserted movie theatre was not very public, but it was still not private either. More importantly, it was where he could see it, and that was just a bad thing all around. Looking away from the couple, he instead glanced over at his 'date'. "You're calling the shots here. Where are we going to sit?"

Why, Wu-Fei, you are such a gentleman," Duo said in a very fake 'southern belle' accent. He grinned at him, cast his eyes around the theatre.. and started leading Wufei by the hand up the steps. Up, up up... to the very top row. Luckily two of the other couples in the back seemed to have the intentions of watching the actual movie, so they hadn't claimed corner seats. The ones necking had, so Duo moved to the other corner and let Wufei sit trapped in the dark corner where it would be hard to see them from the front of the theatre.

An eyebrow rose suspiciously at Duo's choice in seats but Wufei opted not to comment. Duo knew better than to push too far and surely he would not try his luck. If he did he would be in for a good whack. Without a word he took his own seat, setting the large mixed drink between them and glancing up at the large screen. It was far away; far enough away that he could hardly read the smaller font on the screen. He hoped that there would not be anything to read during the movie. If there was he certainly would not have been able to see it. Perhaps it was time to get glasses for regular life outside of just reading and work. "What now?" he asked, frowning a little. He was not entirely familiar with movie theatre etiquette, but surely if there were so few people in the theatre either the movie would not be starting for a while or it would fill up quickly.

"Well... if you have your cell with you, or your beeper, put them on silent or turn them off, cause its not polite to have them ringing in the middle of the movie, y'know," Duo said as he arranged himself in the seat. He wasn't exactly feminine, and the worst part of cross dressing for him was sitting down. Still, it was a movie theatre and dark so.. he turned to sit a bit more on his hip, facing Wufei, and braced an elbow on the armrest between them, "D'y’need help reading the opening lines? Why you don't just bring your glasses with you is beyond me..."

Wufei flushed in embarrassment, carefully folding his hands in his lap. He hated it when people caught his weaknesses like that. "You didn't give me much of an opportunity to get anything other than my shoes..." He murmured rather lamely, glancing over at Duo and blinking in the darkness. "Besides, I can see fine close-up. I don't need them for anything except reading..."

“I know.. I'll just read it to you!" he giggled and caught his arms around Wufei's arm again, "Hehe, you're so cute when you blush!"

Naturally, that only had him blushing further and he shook his head quickly to mask his embarrassment, even if it probably did no such thing. He was more than determined not to dignify that with any sort of answer; that would be effectively encouraging him. With a faintly disgruntled sigh he leaned a little closer to Duo, craning his neck to watch warily as a few more couples filed into the theatre and took seats lower down. He was vaguely aware that no one else could be staring at them in the back, and although he was thankful for it, he was not nearly as pleased to be sitting trapped in the corner.

Duo only took the opportunity to giggle, kiss his cheek, and then rest his head on Wufei's shoulder, "Aren't you glad I forced you into this?" He asked with a grin, then launched into reading the screen for him as the white words came up on the suddenly darkened screen,

"Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more.
Men, were deceivers, ever
One foot on ship, one foot on shore
Constant in one thing never

Then sigh not so
And let them go
And be you blithe and bonny

Converting all your sounds of woe
Into Heigh.. nonny nonny..." the black faded away to the first frame of the movie, with a group of rich picnic goes in the late Shakespearean times in a valley in Spain, crowded around one woman who was reading the poem out loud.

Wufei settled into his seat, very carefully avoiding reaching for the jumbo popcorn. He had a tendency to automatically eat when there was food around and that was not something he wanted to indulge himself in. Certainly not in front of Duo. It was bad enough that he had been heavier than the other pilots during the war; he did not need to get any more weight on him. With a faint sigh he automatically folded one arm over his chest, only to have it land atop Duo's. He stiffened for a moment then, chancing a glance Duo's way, but made no move to remove his hand. If Duo could cling to his arm, he could rest his hand wherever he wanted.

Duo's eyes went wide a bit, then he smirk. So, Wufei wanted to try and get to him, was that it? Without moving his eyes away from the screen he turned his hand over under Wufei's and stroked his palm gently.

The Chinese male blushed a little yet again, pointedly looking back at the screen. Duo was probably playing again, and he did not want to let him win at that game too. Not if he had any say in it. Trying hard to keep any and all of the incessant fluttering in his stomach from showing on his face, he gave Duo's hand a tight squeeze. It did nothing to stop the butterfly sensation he felt, but at least it stopped him from tickling his hand. For the moment.

Duo blushed a bit but smiled wickedly. He squeezed back, then began stroking the side of his hand with his thumb. Butterfly swarms erupted in his stomach but he tried his best to ignore them. Wufei was just playing, right? His other thumb began stroking Wufei's arm as well as he nuzzled his shoulder a little.

Wufei glanced down at him, shifting somewhat nervously in his seat. He was not especially gifted in the ways of human interactions, even if it was something as harmless as this. Moreover, he was almost completely virginal when it came to relations of any sort of nature. At the rate he was going he would lose this game--or whatever Duo thought this was. And he did not want to lose. Losing would only prove to Duo that he was not only weak but easily gotten to, and he really doubted that he could afford that. If Duo was only playing now he would more than likely increase his games tenfold later--and Wufei could not handle that, he was sure.

Duo just nuzzled the top of his head into the join of Wufei's neck and shoulder, and kept their hands together. His heart ached a little, since he knew that Wufei only thought of this as 'playing around' and couldn't possibly know how long Duo had wanted to do this. Still, at least Duo could get this close into his shell... maybe Wufei would accept him as a friend, someday. He twined their fingers together, then went back to watching the movie.

Wufei was no mind reader. There was no way in the world for him to know that this meant anything to Duo any sooner than Duo could know what it meant to him. He sighed heavily, giving Duo's hand a light squeeze. After today he and Duo would likely go back to whatever they'd had before, and it would be nothing more than a fairly fond, if not bittersweet memory. That idea did not set well with him, and he let out a faint sigh. It was sad, really; he would not have ever imagined that he would get this close to Duo. And the idea of being farther away again was not a good one.

The squeeze was returned and silence reigned for awhile as they watched. Duo had to move after a few moments, then leaned over to take a sip of his amazingly mixed drink. He grabbed a bit of popcorn too and began eating on it… after a minute he raised that hand and lifted a piece to Wufei's lips.

Wufei blinked, a little surprised, and somewhat tentatively ate it. For the umpteenth time that day he blushed, this time because he realized that in doing so he had to nip at Duo's fingers. That was far more embarrassing than it ought to have been; even if he could not think of any reason for it to, it somehow seemed like he had stepped over a line that more than likely did not exist. Clearing his throat nervously, he leaned down to take a sip out of his straw. The drink was good, or at least better than he expected.

Duo smiled faintly at the nip on his fingers and his heartbeat raced. He withdrew his hand, though and twined it again with Wufei's, stroking the side with his thumb once more. He couldn't help looking at him a little longingly, though he knew this would never be a true date.

With another soft sigh Wufei settled into his seat, returning the gesture somewhat tentatively. Awkward as it was to rationalize what he was doing, it felt nice to do something so simple. And if he pretended that Duo meant something by this it made it all the easier.

Duo settled his head back on Wufei's shoulder with a soft sigh. He chuckled at a slight bit of humor from the movie, then shivered a little at the cold around his thighs. He knew he should have worn a long dress, but it just wouldn't have had the same effect!

The movie was indeed humorous. Even if it was not completely true to the play, it was better than reading it alone in a dark corner. He could not help laughing along with some of the other patrons, and made a mental note to thank Duo for dragging him out. Even if some things had been uncomfortable, thus far the day had been much better than any he could remember in a good while. Glancing down at the other boy, he pulled his hand out of his grasp long enough to tuck a stray lock of his hair back behind his ear, then carefully took his hand again and re-laced their fingers.

Duo had almost jerked up when their hands were pulled apart, then settled back down against him when he re-laced their fingers. He never wanted this movie to end. Funny how the whole plan had been to just try and break Wufei out of his shell.. not cuddle up to him and make Duo want him even more. Damnit.

Any worries that he had done the wrong thing faded when Duo returned to his previous position, and Wufei gave his hand a soft, reassuring squeeze, as if to apologize for moving. He had to admit, he was dreading the end of the movie; once it was over he and Duo would likely go their separate ways. It would have been unfair to hog Duo's attention all day even if he doubted that the other boy would mind too much. He had taken off of work to drag him to the movie. The least Wufei could do in return was spend the rest of the day with him, right?

If he could keep telling himself, he might believe it by the time the ending credits came around.

As the movie ran its course Duo tried to figure out various ways to get the other eighteen-year-old to stay with him all day. At least they could have one whole, fun day, right? That's be nice... especially if Wufei kept letting him cuddle up to him like this... he was just getting really cold.

Wufei was vaguely aware that Duo's hand was cooling in his grip, and after a long moment he turned to the other boy worriedly. By the looks of things, Duo was freezing, although it was not surprising. The dress he was wearing was hardly built for an air-conditioned place like this! With a light frown, he gave Duo's hand a squeeze and leaned over to whisper in his ear. "Do you want my jacket?" he asked softly, glancing about to make sure that no one else heard him. No one seemed to.

Duo blinked in surprise that Wufei would even ask that. He knew he was blushing, and the movie may have been bright enough to see that. He tucked a bit of his loose hair behind his ear.. then slowly nodded, "If you don't mind.. I mean."

"If I minded I wouldn’t have offered," he replied in a whisper, pulling out of Duo's grip to strip out of his jacket. The chill of the room hit him as he did, and he scowled a bit. The theatre was draftier than an OZ prison! It was little wonder why Duo was cold. But that was no matter; he could handle a petty annoyance like that. Turning his jacket over in his hands, he paused before passing it over to the other boy, absently brushing his hair away from his eyes, only to have it fall right back into place. He knew he ought to have brought a hair tie. Even if Duo had said that he liked it better down.

"Tthanks," Duo whispered back, feeling a bit sheepish now. Wufei sounded angry, for some reason... maybe he was being too clingy. He put the jacket around his shoulders and shifted to sit more upright in the seat, though still leaning so that their shoulders touched when they sat.

Wufei glanced over at him, having half expected Duo to grab his hand again, then frowned and leaned back in his seat, turning his attention back to the movie. He was almost positive that he was the one being too clingy, although Duo had initiated everything thus far. If the American did not want to take his hand again, though, he would not make him. He could not help sighing softly in disappointment at that--if nothing else, holding the other boy's hand would have warmed his up a bit.

Duo glanced over at him not a second after Wufei looked back at the sreen. He missed the warmth on his hand and.. and.. it would be over tonight anyway so.. He paused a bir more, then slowly put the backs of their hands together.. then turned his and lightly stroked along the side of Wufei’s with his pinky and ring finger to see if Wufei would turn his hand over for Duo to take.

Although this time he did not turn to look at him, Wufei smiled in the darkness of the theatre and readily turned his hand to take Duo's. Perhaps he was being too anxious, and he was likely reading too much into it, but he was not going to question this. Not right now. When they parted ways, and when things changed again between them he could question it all a thousand times over. But until then he could enjoy this, along with the rest of the movie.

Duo's breath hitched a bit as Wufei turned it over immediately. He slid his hand over Wufei's and twined their fingers gently. He could hardly focus on the movie, but he couldn't look at Wufei either. It was almost over... no...

When the movie was over and the credits did begin to play, Wufei could feel his heart stop in his chest, albeit for only a moment. He did not want it to be over any more than Duo did, and realizing this fact worried him a bit. He was not supposed to be falling for the American in any way, shape, or form. But knowing that did not seem to be doing a very good job of stopping him. Glancing over at Duo somewhat shyly, he gave his hand a soft squeeze, ever so lightly brushing his thumb along the other boy's. "Where to now?" he asked, taking a leap of faith. The worst that could happen would be that he would get shot down, right? And if that happened... he would have to deal with it.
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