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Not Quite a ‘Date’ Date? - Or Confusion Via Crossdressing p.2

Summary: Duo insists on giving Wufei a 'life' by taking him out to the movies. As a surprise, he dresses in drag. There is much confusion between the two of them. More than likely, they don't remember a thing from the actual movie.

Part Two of Two.

Did he just say...? The American had to wonder, then paused and looked at him. Slowly his smile widened into a grin, "Ahmm... well... If you don't mind letting me go home and change first, you didn't eat much, and it’s dinner time..."

"What, you don't like your dress anymore?" he asked, grinning despite himself. He knew he ought not to, but he could not help it; he had fully expected Duo to shoot him down. Scooping the popcorn bag out of his companion's lap with his free hand, he pulled the other boy to his feet and glanced down at their hands briefly. Somehow he liked their look together, even if it was a little strange.

"Oh my God... Hell just froze over…"

Wufei blinked, plainly confused. "What? What makes you say that?" he asked somewhat worried. Had he done something wrong?

"Gou just grinned..." Duo was staring at him with a shocked expression, then grinned himself and laughed, "Don't look so worried, Wu-man, I'm just kidding!" He tugged him by the hand towards the aisle then.

Was that all? He could not help breathing a sigh of relief. He had half expected Duo to finish with something truly Earth-shaking, like "Sally and Une just saw us and got a picture" or something--something equally ridiculous. Quite nearly dropping the bag of popcorn, he hurried to follow the other boy, somewhat impressed that he could walk so well in his shoes of choice. He had nagged him about them before, true, but after actually getting a look at them it was a wonder he had managed so well at all.

Outside the theater, Duo stood still and rubbed his eyes a little, "Oww... jeeze, I hate that..." After blinking a bit more, his eyes adjusted and he tossed their drink in the trash. "So, what do you want for dinner? You know me, I'll eat anything!"

Wufei could not help smiling a little at that; Duo really would eat almost anything. He was half inclined to take him to a Thai place just to see if he could handle the spices on the food, but thought better of it. He could not handle the spices on their food. Humming softly in thought and tossing the popcorn bag in the trash as well, he glanced about for an idea. "We could either go out someplace or go home and order in," he said, "I'm not too picky as long as I don't have to cook. I'm sick of making my own stuff."

"Ooo hmm…" he considered he lead Wufei back down the street, further away from the Chinese man's home. "Decisions, decisions... I'm rather in the mood for Chinese." The American blinked after a second, realizing the innuendo that was after cuddling with Wufei in the dark movie theatre for the past hour and a half... oops. He continued quickly, "But if we order in... we coullllld uh... play cards or rent some scary movies or something."

"Horror movies?" he frowned, although the idea was not entirely unpleasing. If they rented movies they could sit on the couch together for a few hours. That would certainly be worth watching more of them. "I think we already have enough to have nightmares about... Maybe something else?"

"Ehh... true enough..." He didn't mention that his nightmares were so bad at times he'd already watched so many movies, horror movies were all he really had yet, "Foreign films then? Well… Foreign for me... a lot of the common ones are Chinese."

The younger male shrugged lightly; he would not have known. Watching movies was not really considered a worthwhile pastime on L5, and with the exception of a few "gems" of the movie world he had not seen all that many. "I have some at home that we could watch," he offered, although he had not seen more than one or two. Most of them were old, old American movies that someone had saved from being washed away in the tides of time. Good movies, according to the people that had insisted upon giving them to him, but definitely old.

"Oh? Mm... But we're already going back to my place so I can get out of this damn dress... remind me not to make a bet with Hilde again, okay?" He grumbled, playing with his skirt a bit.

Wufei nearly laughed at that, giving Duo's hand a light squeeze. "What, you didn't put that thing on to surprise me?" he asked, half teasing. He did not know Hilde well--at all, really--but the idea of Duo losing a bet with her and winding up in a dress was pretty amusing. He would have to give the woman credit fort hat.

"Mmm.. wellll...." He hesitated, then offered him a smile and hoped the Chinese man wouldn't be angry, "I was trying to figure out how to surprise you... and she bet me that I would never dare show up in drag... of course, she doesn't know about Cuba..."

He did indeed laugh then, though softly, and tried hard to keep a smile off of his face. That made perfect sense; not many people would have dared to show up at his house in a dress. Hell, not even many of their female acquaintances would have come in a dress. Relena, of course, excluded because Wufei had never seen her in pants. But she would not have shown up at his house at all. "You look better in that dress than you did in the one you wore for the mission," he said lightly, tucking Duo's hair back behind his ear.

Duo noticeably blushed, glancing at Wufei then down at his feet but he did not move away from the hand... ooooh no he didn't move from that hand. "I'm not sure if I should take that as a complement or insult," He smiled softly, then looked up at the robin's-egg blue two story French styled house they had come up to, "Ahhh... home sweet home."

Wufei glanced up as well and blinked, surprised. He had expected something smaller. An apartment like his, perhaps. Certainly not such a big house. How could Duo live somewhere so big alone? The money question was silly; it was not as though they had ever been hard up on money. Certainly not after all they had drained from OZ during the war. But the house looked big enough for at least two Duos! "Nice," he murmured, absently brushing his thumb across Duo's wrist. Nice was an understatement; it looked great from the outside.

"It is..." he lead him up the small walk and unlocked the door. It was one of those European styled houses, the kind with two or three floors, whose walls ran right into the next door's neighbors’ walls. There was no front lawn except for a patch or two of grass on either side of the front steps, but there was a small back yard. "I got a pretty good deal on it, thankfully… I like my space."

"It's really nice," he said again, following the other boy into his house and automatically slipping out of his shoes. Duo might not have practiced it, but it was one of his many unkickable habits. With a sigh he released Duo's hand, touching his arm for a half second before pulling his hand away completely. He was getting far too clingy, and he needed to cut it out before he got used to doing it.

Duo had to sigh a bit, very faintly, as the other boy pulled away. He sat down on the steps of the stairway not too far away and took off the horrid laced-up high heeled shoes he had on. When that was done he stood, "Be right back, make yourself at home." He grinned at Wufei for a second before turning on his toes and running up the stairs. The braided pilot didn't even think for a moment to pull the short skirt down.

Wufei glanced up after him just in time to get an eyeful and blushed absolutely crimson, mentally kicking himself for looking up when he knew that Duo's skirt was so short that only a blind man would not have been able to see up it. Privately thankful that he had only seen it for a second, he mumbled something along the lines of 'yeah' or perhaps 'okay' before turning toward the living room. 'Make yourself at home', to Wufei, meant 'sit down and don't touch anything' and he held true to that definition. Sitting down on the couch, he settled back and sighed softly, looking up at the ceiling. Life was becoming... interesting.

It was a few minutes before Duo came bustling back down the stairs. The apartment was surprisingly clean for anyone who assumed that Duo Maxwell, just because he babbled a bit, was a messy person. In reality, he believed that things should be kept as neat as possible... after all, a clean place to live meant less confusion, a happier mood, and the chore itself was a great distraction on the nightmare filled nights when there wasn't anything left to watch on TV.

Now that he had a decent pair of, admittedly, baggy, worn out jeans to cover him, as well as a nice shirt that hung almost halfway down to his thighs, he felt a lot more relaxed and looked a lot more manly. He had even taken the time to re-plait his hair.

Duo flopped down into one of his armchairs then pulled his legs up to him, looking at Wufei... okay, it just got awkward. Not content to allow that to continue, he suddenly smiled and reached for the phone, "I'm going to say you're annnnnn orange chicken kind of guy!"

Wufei smiled faintly at him, tucking that damnably loose lock of hair back behind his ear yet again. "I'll eat almost anything if it isn't too spicy," he said, pausing to think. It had been a long time since he had ordered Chinese takeout; the last time, if he remembered correctly, had been an absolute disaster. He did not know the English names for many of his favorite foods and had wound up ordering exactly the wrong thing. He looked up at the ceiling, silently mouthing a few dish names, trying to remember what Sally had said the English equivalents were. "I like wonton soup... Um...." he pursed his lips in annoyance. It should not have been so hard to remember his own dishes! "Sweet and sour pork... Fried rice. Mushu pork... Those kinds of things."

"... Trouble with Chinese food?" He asked, blinking at him, then suddenly smiled. It wasn't a teasing smile, just a general one, and the man nodded, "Alright." He punched in the familiar digits, and waited for an answer...

"Hi, I'd like to-- oh, hey Meggie... yeah, haha... well... I’ll have my usual, plus mmm..." He paused, "Okay, scratch that. I'll have a number six, with an extra side of fried rice... umm... And two number twos.... Yes, this is for more than one person!" Duo laughed a bit, then smiled, "Well I don't think you'd be interested... not your type... no." He shot a glance at the phone as if it were a real person, "Just no.... hehe… all right... okay. Thanks." Finally he hit the 'cancel' button and put it back on the hook. "OOoooookay, we've got food coming."

Another Meggie? It seemed like they were popping out of the snow like daisies. Wufei could not help raising an eyebrow in question. That sounded like it would have been an interesting conversation to be in on. And even if it was not really his business, he was not the sort of person to simply let it go. Especially when it had sounded so juicy. "What on Earth was that about?" he asked, smiling faintly. Duo had the most interesting connections--when Wufei ordered out, or anything really, the most he could get out of whoever was on the other line was prices. It made some sense, of course; Duo was a social butterfly when he wanted to be. Wufei had never been such and did not much plan to be.

Duo paused, blushing just faintly and scratched his bangs a little, "Ehhh… Meggie's a friend of mine… sorta. I eat at that place a lot, and we sorta... clicked after awhile. She always knows its me when I call," he laughed, "she's just not used to me ordering for two sooo... yeah."

"And the 'not your type... no' comments were just for fun?" he asked, half teasing. He was more than likely not anybody's type, even if he had been assured countless times that he would find someone someday. Of course, Sally had been the one telling him this, and as a result he had taken it as a grain of salt. It was really nothing to dwell on. As much as finding "the one" would have been nice, he had other things to deal with and worry about. It vaguely occurred to him that thinking that way was exactly what had gotten him into being a workaholic to begin with, and that it was the very reason Duo had dragged him out to the movies, but he brushed it aside.

"Ehehe… yeah, well... she assumed I had a girl over here, and said she was going to steal her away before 'the evil Duo had his wicked way'" He snorted, "So yeah, you're not her type... no offense was meant, really." Duo winked at him and grinned, "I think she finally figured something out... Ah, you want something to drink? I have... uhh... Dr. Pepper… Sprite... root beer... beer..." he got up, going through a doorway into the kitchen.

Never having been one to simply sit when he could do something to help, and certainly never having been one to shout room to room to continue on a conversation, Wufei got to his feet and followed the other former pilot. "I'd be fine with just water," he said, pausing in the door to admire Duo's kitchen. As with the rest of the house, it was pretty clean and spacious; a decided improvement from his small apartment and kitchenette. It might not have been especially realistic for a single teenager to live in such a big place, but it was definitely nice.

"If that's what you want," Duo answered with a smile, grabbing a glass bottle of root beer out of the fridge for himself. He had notice Wufei looking about, of course, it wasn't as if the Chinese man was attempting to conceal that. As he fixed a bit of water in from the filter in the refrigerator door, instead of the tap water, he said conversationally, "So, what did you think of the movie, anyway? Great adaptation or what?"

Wufei glanced over at him and smiled faintly, shrugging lightly. "It was good. Better than reading it alone anyway," he replied, somewhat absently rubbing his arm. Duo's house was not cold, per se, but he was feeling a little chilly without his jacket. It was what he got for not wearing a proper shirt underneath; his vest was hardly any use against the cold. But it had gone to a worthy cause of sorts, even if he would have to remember to ask for it back before he walked home later. He paused, then sighed faintly. "Thank you for taking me to it."

"Hey, my pleasure," The blush that time was quite apparent, since he had just spent most of the movie actively cuddling with him. God this was strange but... wonderful at the same time. "Gotta get you away from that office some time, y'know.... we should do it again, sometime?" There was a hopeful glint to his eyes as he turned and offered the glass of water to Wufei.

He took the glass carefully, glancing at it for a moment, then smiled a little and nodded. Another time would be great, whether or not they had the added bonus of snuggling together. He glanced up at Duo again, still smiling faintly. "If you aren't busy next week--or whenever you have a day off..." he trailed off, somewhat embarrassed. That was a little much, his mind reminded him rather harshly. He could not be taking up Duo's days off! Even if he doubted that Duo would mind terribly. They were hardly friends (or rather, they had never really established that they were, even if they seemed to be inching that way now) and surely Duo had better things to do.

Duo's smile widened a few degrees. He leaned nonchalantly against the doorframe, fairly close to Wufei, actually, though he didn't consciously notice. He tucked a bit of hair behind his ear more out of nervousness than necessity, "I think next week would be great..."

The Chinese male's smile grew as well, and he took a sip of his water, trying hard to mask his excitement. From all outward appearances he probably did not look the least bit excited about the idea of getting to spend another Thursday with Duo, but is surely showed in his eyes. Although he had never been one to truly believe in karma, he was inclined to think that maybe the Gods were finally pitying him enough to turn his luck around.

And then the doorbell rang. Duo blinked as the quiet, but comfortable, little moment was interrupted. "Ah... just a second…" He moved away from the kitchen and went back through the living room to the foyer to open the door.

"Sooo... where is he?" The delivery girl there asked. She was Chinese, or at least part, and had long black hair tied in a loose ponytail with flyaway bangs everywhere under her company cap. She dipped around the door till she saw Wufei. Her eyes widened, then she drew back, giggling.

Duo 'twapped' her arm with the back of his hand, playfully, and took the packages. His blush was still there, though, "No teasing, Meg."

"None at all; he is soo gorgeous. Guess I know why you eat Chinese so much."

Duo gave her a look and arched an eyebrow. Even embarrassed, he still had a playful expression on his face, "I thought you didn't like men."

"Doesn't mean I don't appreciate them. Like you with your Angelina Jolie fetish, even though you won't touch girl normal--" he put a hand over her mouth and glared at her then. She raised her eyebrows and nodded, mumbling an apology when he took his hand away.

Duo handed her a twenty, "Keep the change."

"Righto!" She pecked his cheek like the imp she was, then ducked out the door, "have fuuu~uuun!"

Wufei watched this with a partially confused expression on his face. What an odd girl. But there had been one interesting thing she had said; Duo would not normally touch a girl? He supposed that made sense, to a point--he had never seen Duo show interest in a girl before. But then, he had always thought that it was because they were rather busy with more important things at the time. Namely the war. He smiled faintly, moving to retrieve one of the takeout bags from Duo. "She seems... nice," he said rather lamely. He doubted that another word would have summed her up. Or rather, another polite word. He could think of quite a few rude ones.

Ehhh… she's a handful, and a bit too nosey... " he paused, then laughed, "Reminds me of me." He took the rest of the bags in to the coffee table and began setting it all out. Fried rice, orange chicken, mushu chicken, a pot of wonton soup, lots of fortune cookies... all manner of stuff.

"That's the only nice thing about her," he replied lightly, again following Duo to the table. He helped set up as best he could, carefully keeping the food away from the edges of the table. With his rotten luck he would knock something over and stain Duo's carpet, and that would be unfortunate. Even if it would not have been any problem to get it replaced or cleaned, it would be a bad impression. Not that Duo did not already know about his bad habits and the like. "How much was all this?" he asked, blinking a little. There was a lot more food than he had expected.

"Ehh, it’s a cheap place. I love it." He grabbed the remote and turned the TV on to the menu channel as he popped a piece of orange chicken in his mouth. He settled down on the floor between the couch and the coffee table beside Wufei, inwardly hoping for a bit more cuddling, but not counting on it.

That was a far shot from the answer he had been hoping for, but he opted not to comment. He did not have much money on him to repay the other male, even if he had been given the option. But it was fine; he could pay for their next not-date. With a sigh he sat down next to his companion, pulling back his hair and glancing down at the food. It all looked and smelled wonderful--not quite as good as the food his mother had made, of course, but nothing was ever better than that. "Looks good," he said, taking up a pair of wooden chopsticks and glancing over at Duo. "Thanks again."

"I'm sure its nothing like what you're used to, eh?" He chuckled a bit, "Ehh... you're welcome. No real need to thank me, though." Duo picked up a box of the orange chicken and munched on that a bit, smiling softly at t he taste, "Hmmm... what to watch..." he started flipping through the movie choices.

But of course there was reason to be thankful, even if Wufei would not argue it. It was the first time Wufei had been able to spend a day acting like a normal teenager. Or, at least, as normal as one could be under the circumstances. If he remembered correctly gay hardly counted as 'normal' even in their rather liberal home of choice, but even so... It had been a day that most people would have seen as normal. With a faint sigh he picked up the carton of fried rice and ate a bit, smiling a little. It tasted pretty good. Glancing toward the television after a moment, he caught sight of a title as it scrolled up. "'Alfred Hitchcock's PSYCHO'?" he read aloud, squinting as he tried to read the other titles. He failed; none of the others were written in all capital letters. "Is that a good movie?"

"Its pretty good... thriller/horror movie." he clicked it, "We gotta bring those cute little glasses of yours next time." He reached over and nervously tucked a lock of hair behind Wufei's ear for him, then went back to eating as the movie began to play.

Another flush spread across his cheeks at that, and he glanced over at Duo somewhat shyly, a faint smile tugging at his lips. He would have hardly dubbed his glasses 'cute.' Nerdy; certainly. Dorky; in a heartbeat. But not cute. Duo would know sooner than he would, though, and he leaned back against the couch, casually leaning against Duo's shoulder as he did. With a faint sigh he returned to his eating, mind hardly on the task at hand. Far from it; even as the movie started, and even with the choppy music at the start, he was much more interested in the fact that he was getting another chance to sit with Duo for hours on end.

Duo's mind most certainly wasn't on the movie. He had seen it a thousand times already, of course, but Wufei was also right there beside him. The touch of shoulder against shoulder seemed to be a really good sign, too. He tried to keep his eyes on the screen, but couldn't help covertly watching the Chinese man.

Wufei soon finished almost half of the fried rice and absently put it down on the table, depositing his chopsticks close to it. Eating could wait. And if he was not careful he would end up eating everything in sight without realizing what he was doing. Glancing up at the movie he blinked, rather surprised to be faced with an eyeful of a blonde woman in her bra--that was not what he had been expecting! As the woman got dressed, he could not help smirking to himself. Duo looked much better in a dress than she did.

‘He... Likes watching her get dressed... of course,’ Duo knew that Wufei was straight laced... or... he thought he had? What about all they had done that morning... That was too confusing to think about now. Duo looked at the screen as soon as he knew that part was over, because he personally thought the woman's near nudity was sickening. "Now if they put that guy getting dressed," he muttered to himself very softly, with a slight snort.

The man was not nearly as good looking as Duo either, Wufei decided, and he glanced over at the other boy to see what he thought of it. It did not show on his face, or if it did Wufei did not know quite how to read it, and he sighed faintly. Duo was much more interesting to watch than the movie, even if from what he had heard Psycho was supposed to be very good. With a certain degree of forced casualness, he lightly draped his arm around Duo's shoulders, trying hard to appear as though his attention was on the movie even as he watched the other boy to gage his reaction.

Duo's eyes widened a little and he glanced at Wufei quickly, then back again for a longer look when he thought he wasn't looking. He blushed a bit, a smile forming on his lips as he gradually shifted closer into the Chinese boy, then forced himself to look back at the TV.

Wufei was immensely relieved that Duo did not pull away, and even happier when the other teen smiled a little. With an almost inaudible sigh of relief, he relaxed and glanced back to the movie again, gently brushing his thumb over Duo's shoulder. This was nice. And with luck it would not be an isolated occurrence; Duo had seemed more than happy with the idea of continuing to spend Thursdays this way.

The Deathscythe pilot relaxed totally against Wufei's shoulder. He got up some guts and laid his head gently against Wufei's shoulder, nuzzling his cheek against it briefly. Dinner was completely forgotten as he split his attention unevenly between the TV and the boy he was curled up against.

He was more than happy with the accommodation, even if having Duo against his side was terribly distracting. In a good way, of course. Smiling faintly, he moved a little closer to the other boy, leaning his head lightly against the brunette's. On the screen he watched as the woman gave into temptation and took the money, and he snorted. "Stupid woman," he murmured absently, smiling a little. It seemed not much really did change over time; women were still stupid hundreds of years later.

"That one, yeah," Duo agreed with a soft, contented sigh. He was paying such little attention he actually jumped at a scary part... and then used the excuse to bury his face in Wufei’s shoulder, one arm starting to loop around Wufei's waist.

Wufei hardly minded as Duo's arm came around his waist; quite contrary, he was glad of it. It was encouraging, if nothing else... It meant that Duo surely did not mind their closeness. That was certainly worth it. He smiled faintly, moving the hand that had been on Duo's shoulder to instead brush his fingers lightly through his hair, stopping at the start of his braid before moving up again to start over. The policeman that stopped her on the highway was rather creepy; his glasses hid his eyes absolutely perfectly, and it made him seem somehow unreal. It was a good trick on Hitchcock's end.

Since Wufei didn't seem to care, Duo completed the move. He wrapped both arms, finally, around the Chinese guy and leaned against him as a somewhat goofy smile rose to his lips. "Eeeehh… I hate this guy," He mumbled at the policeman, even as he wanted to purr at the feel of his hair being stroked.

"He looks like a crooked cop," the other teen mumbled absently, blushing a little as glanced down at realized just how close they were. He had not honestly expected so much--even if it was relatively little, when one took into account the numerous other things they could have been doing. It was more than he'd expected, at any rate. With a thin smile, he turned his attention back to the television, more watching the police officer in the background than the woman as she tried to trade in her car.

"And we'd know what that looks like," Duo laughed slightly at his bad joke. He just lay there for now, almost half dozing he was so comfortable.

Wufei laughed quietly as well, but soon fell silent as the woman bought her new car and began to drive off. She really was very stupid; unless the authorities were complete idiots, her paper trail would not be too hard to follow. She had paid in cash! Only idiots did that. Well, perhaps not idiots; he had paid for numerous trucks and missiles during the war in cash. But that had been generally accepted as the way things worked. Cars in the early nineteen hundreds, however... He shook his head slowly, smiling faintly. He was over analyzing the movie, and he knew it. But old habits died hard, he supposed. Over analyzing everything was better than under doing it.

"I think most people thought money was harder to trace back in the twentieth century..." He said to himself, then rolled his eyes softly, "Of course... I think it really was back then. People didn't know the kind of technology they had."

"Or their technology was as stone-aged as their ideas," Wufei murmured absently, glancing down at Duo with a faint smile and carefully brushing his fingers through his hair. It was funny, really; Duo thought along the same lines he did, even if it was not something either male was likely proud of. They had always prided themselves on being different. Or rather, Wufei had. He sighed softly, pulling Duo a bit closer and pressing his face into the other teen's hair for a moment. It was sad--they could have been so much closer if he had only allowed himself to get close to people in the first place. They could have been doing this a long time ago.

"Probably a mixture of both," he chuckled as his eyes widened a little. He hadn't expected Wufei to get this friendly--not that he minded! Still... he wasn't exactly sure of the Chinese boy's sense of humor… could this all be a joke?

Wufei said nothing for a long moment, then sighed again and pulled back a little, reaching for his water. He took a sip, paying quite a bit more attention to Duo than the screen, and then gently moved out of his hold to stand. "I'll be right back; getting some more water," he said softly, somewhat reluctantly drawing his hand away. He ought to have known better than to let this sort of thing go on. He really ought to have. But it was not doing a very good job of stopping him. With a last, longing glance at his host he turned and hurried to the kitchen to get his refill. The sooner he got back the sooner he could continue cuddling with Duo.

Duo stretched himself out a bit, blushing as Wufei stood and walked to the kitchen. He nodded at him, and stole a few glances at him, moving his eyes away quickly when the Chinese boy caught him watching. He should know batter than to do this but... it was so nice… he had waited for so long to be able to touch him in some way... and it was just this once right?

So distracted as he was with the idea of getting back to Duo, Wufei quite nearly let his glass overfill. Cursing silently, he hurriedly downed as much as he could in one gulp so that it would not spill over. His carelessness ought to have been a tip-off that he was not quite in his right mind, but he ignored it. He could over think that later. Returning, he set his drink down and sat down close to Duo, somewhat tentatively wrapping one arm around his waist. If Duo could do that then surely he could too, right? Nagging doubts or no, he did not have any intention of pulling back.

Duo smiled a little more then, and cautiously leaned back into him. The movie still played... he wasn't really paying attention to it, and couldn't tell you what was going on for the life of him.

Wufei glanced down at him, somewhat surprised, then cautiously brought his other arm around the older male's waist as well. He pulled him close, resting his chin on Duo's shoulder so that he could half watch the movie and half watch the boy in his arms. It was a fairly convenient arrangement, really; if nothing else, he could catch Duo if he tried to glance his way. Not that he expected him to.

But Duo did glance that way, and knew he was caught doing so. His blush darkened a lot, but he couldn't get himself to look away. Aw jeeze... what was Wufei playing at?

"Hey," he whispered somewhat shakily, smiling rather nervously. It was sort of embarrassing to be caught staring at Duo--though perhaps he was the one that had caught the staring. His cheeks too tinged an attractive pink, and although he would have liked to glance away he found that he could not do it.

"Hey," Duo whispered back, smiling slightly. A scream went up from the TV, causing Duo to jerk and hug onto Wufei. There was a moments pause as his nerves lightened up, then he looked back up at Wufei, blushing even harder, "Ah..."

Wufei squeaked in surprise, but hardly realized it as he pulled Duo closer into the hug. Perhaps horror movies were not so bad after all. Glancing down at the other boy, he smiled a bit and gently brushed a lock of his hair back into his braid. "Scared?" he asked softly, trying hard not to giggle. Duo really was terribly adorable when he was embarrassed.

"Ehehe, startled me, that's all.." But he didn't move since Wufei had pulled him closer... He stared up into Wufei's eyes, those deep black wells you could loose your soul in.

The younger male stared back, the blush on his cheeks brightening. He was not entirely sure of what to do next--he had more than a few ideas, of course, even if he was one of the most inexperienced eighteen-year-old men he could think of, but... In the off chance that this was some kind of game to his fellow pilot, he did not know that he could handle chancing it.

Duo leaned in a little, unconsciously wetting his lips just slightly with the tip of his tongue as he glanced very fast at Wufei's lips. Okay... baaaad ideas. Wufei was just toying with him, right? Seriously bad ideas, Duo... But he wouldn't even listen to himself enough to draw away.

There was no sense in sitting like a statue, and Wufei's body seemed to have its own ideas. Letting his eyes fall closed, he leaned forward a tiny bit and brushed his lips against Duo's tentatively. It sent a jolt of electricity through him that startled him almost enough to pull away, but his body would certainly not have anything to do with that.

It started Duo as well, and he jumped a little, pressing his lips a bit more firmly against Wufei's to complete the kiss. His mind seemed to freeze for a moment before thoughts of horror came leaking through. Wufei was going to hate him now, wasn't he? ‘But,’ logic said softly, ‘Wufei kissed you first...’ Maybe this wasn't really a game. There was only one way to find out... but it took Duo what seemed like an eternity to break the kiss.

The blush staining Wufei's cheeks, he was quite certain, could have lit the streets of Las Vegas. But that was silly; people were incapable of physically glowing. Not even Hiiro could do that. Even knowing that, though, he was not quite certain that the laws of nature still applied. "Ah... Duo, I--" he started, then found that he really had absolutely nothing intelligent to say and glanced down, cheeks still ablaze. For that matter, he found that he also could not think logically. It might not have been his first kiss, but it had certainly had more feeling behind it than any he had shared with Nataku.

"Please tell me you're not joking around…" His slightly frantic, whispered words ran out of his mouth before he could stop them. What? Shit! Weakness! He had shown Wufei weakness... crap. If he hadn't been playing around before, now he certainly was! Stupid stupid Stupid STUPID.

"I--I'm not," Wufei said quickly, looking up at him again, a little startled that Duo would think that of him. But then, why shouldn't he? He was guilty of thinking the same thing about Duo, even if he had slightly more reason to... Duo was a born actor, known to play around even if it was dangerous. He, on the other hand, had the acting ability of a trout when it came to manufacturing emotions other than those that he was familiar with. He licked his lips nervously, still blushing a bit, though it was hard to tell in the dim light of the living room. "Are... are you?"

Duo shook his head softly, "N-no... I may run and hide but I never tell a lie."

The Chinese boy stared at him for a moment as though puzzled. He ought to have known that. Hell, he did know that. He had heard it before. But somehow he had not rationalized it. "Aa... Well then..." He smiled, though he was trying not to let it take over his face, and carefully reached forward, tugging Duo close with his braid. For a moment he glanced down shyly, eyeing the rope of hair in his hand. "What now?"

Slowly Duo put the bridge of his nose against Wufei's cheek. He was trembling at being allowed so close; of the shock this had been. "Mm... not sure... guess things are gonna be different, huh? ... I mean, I like you... and you like... me..." he sounded a bit unsure at the last part.

"And... I do not know at all what I'm doing," Wufei whispered softly, rather embarrassed to admit his weakness. And that was certainly a weakness! He knew how to go about... matters... in a very round about way when it came to women, but with men... He had never even thought about that before! Or rather, he had thought about it a few times and immediately got so embarrassed with the concept that he froze up. Gulping nervously, he reached up and touched Duo's cheek. "I'm really in the dark here..." he added, laughing rather nervously even if he did not find it funny. Being weak was not amusing. But laughing was very, very easy to do in this situation.

Duo blinked. Wufei admitted... wow. That was strange. He smiled and leaned in to gently brush his lips against Wufei's again with a bit of a blush, "You've… never dated before?" He blinked, "Some people wouldn't… but I find that surprising... "

The Chinese boy shook his head slowly, drawing back a bit shyly and leaning against the couch, though he still kept Duo's braid held tightly in his hands. "Why date when your future's been planned since birth?" he asked softly, and there was more regret in his voice than doubt. Tradition, proud as he might have been of it, had stripped him of so many things that would have been generally accepted as necessary outside of the colony... And he had had no idea! It was shameful.

"Oh..." Duo nodded slightly... he could sort of relate. He was silent a moment, then said softly, "We… just keep doing what we did today... not exactly this of course… different stuff but... Spend time together, y'know? Take it slow…"

"I like the sound of that," he whispered, smiling faintly. On the television there was another scream and he glanced over at it involuntarily, eyes wide. He had completely forgotten about the movie. On screen a light bulb swung into view, illuminating the poorly preserved corpse of what must have been an old woman, and he gasped, leaning as far away from the movie as he could where he sat. That was not something he had expected to see! The last thing he really remembered was a woman screaming bloody murder in a shower. It served him right for not paying attention, though, he supposed. "What in the world...?" he whispered, eyes going even wider as an amazingly unattractive cross dresser came onto the screen with a butcher's knife, only to have it yanked away by the strapping man from the opening scene.

Duo blinked and turned. He arched an eyebrow and shuttered at the scene. "Blah." He glanced at Wufei, then smiled and snuggled back into him. Hey, if he was allowed, he bloody well would. His mind was racing in a thousand ways right now... even the majority of him wanted nothing more than to start bouncing up and down with sudden giddiness… he wouldn't though. This was good enough.

Turning his gaze back to Duo, Wufei blinked, a little surprised, and carefully wrapped his arms around the other boy's shoulders again, hugging him lightly. This was definitely a new thing... Not that he would be complaining! Not by a long shot. But it was a far shot from what he was used to. His mind was still swimming from it all. With a faint sigh he smiled, lightly brushing his fingers up Duo's back and then back down again, ignoring as his t-shirt moved a bit with the motion.

Duo shivered lightly and nuzzled Wufei's shoulder. His arms tightened a little around his waist. The braided boy sighed softly, beginning to fall asleep--not from boredom, but from being totally relaxed, even with the screams from the movie ringing in his ear.

The younger male smiled a bit, glad that his instincts had not guided him wrongly so far. At least Duo looked like he was enjoying himself. He watched him for a long moment, then gently brushed his braid over his shoulder and hugged him again, settling back against the couch carefully to avoid upsetting Duo. This would most definitely be interesting.

Slowly, gradually, Duo did fall asleep. He would curse himself for it later... but lying there against Wufei's chest, snuggled under his chin... was one of the best times he had ever had.

Wufei watched him for a long while, then carefully moved and picked up the remote. Turning the television off, he shifted a little beneath the sleeping male and lightly draped his arms around his waist. His back would hate him for sitting like this, and he knew that he would be rather busted if he did not leave in a few hours, but he hardly minded at the moment. For now he would be more than content to simply sit with Duo while the other boy slept.
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